Monday, June 29, 2009


Hello Everyone

Thanks for coming down to this little corner of the net that is dedicated to the passion that binds us together: Warhammer...a hobby that continues to be enjoyed by hordes of us around the world.

Our 2nd picture of the new batch of photos features a new bunch on models: WT's lizardmen, painted by the folks at Guess it's quite a change from seeing mostly humans/chaos/elves on this blog after all! The colour scheme was chosen by WT and faithfully applied onto the lizardmen models by the dudes in Sri Lanka. Paintedfigs is a good place to go for Chaos and Lizardmen models (from our experience so far)

The Lizardmen of Lustria are a race of humanoid reptilians who have a history that stretches far back into the dawn of the warhammer world. The godlike Old Ones had arrived onto the world through their interstellar travels, and they proceeded to shape the world and create the races who inhabit the world presently (and actually eliminate 'unwanted races'). Also, some Slann had travelled with the Old Ones, and the Old Ones enslaved various amphibious species to serve the Slann(explaining the high status afforded to the Slann). Eventually, the Slann and the enslaved species were collectively known as the Lizardmen, a mighty empire that was entrusted by the Old Ones to combat the infernal realm of Chaos.

Bred for the sole purpose of combat, the Saurus warriors pictured here are one of the meanest infantry one can meet in combat. Saurus warriors have proven to be pretty ferocious in combat, being able to take and deal great amounts of damage, and yet are limited to melee weapons due to the their primitive brains that are incapable of using more complicated weaponry vs. a simple mace. Interestingly, they have very long lives and will continue to grow more scales as they get older...thus rendering old Saurus warriors almost 'unkillable'. Believe it or not, the Saurus do not even die of old age. Wow.


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