Monday, July 06, 2009

Pegasus Knight

Hello Everyone

For today we bring you JQ's paladin mounted on a Royal Pegasus, a fearsome and gallant sight for all to see on the battlefield...perhaps a glimmer of hope for the quaking hearts of the Men-at-Arms in the face of terrifying adversaries (read: morale failure and the knight's vow).

Paladins are the mainstay of Bretonnian leadership in battle, as they provide able guidance, marshal prowess, and confidence to embolden the hearts of many. They have almost similar stats with the Imperial Captain, the only difference lying in BS (Captain's 5 vs. Paladin's 3, a small difference since paladins don't engage in ranged combat).

One thing about playing humans in warhammer is the 'mediocre' stats...since it is common for non-character units for other factions (Chaos, High Elves etc.) to have stats that equal or better a human character's. Therein lies the challenge of playing balance non-character units and characters to combat enemies with superior stats.


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