Monday, August 17, 2009

Lord of the Lands

Lo and Behold, The Lord of Aisenhald. and a Bretonnian Lord.

This is my most powerful unit of the Bretonnian Army. It is the Lord of Aisenhald in Couronne.
The Bretonnian Lord rides upon his hippogriff and strikes fears to his enemies.

Resolute, Virtuos and Wise, the Lord beckons on his men to soldier on against the tyranny and darkness that roams freely in the lands of the dark.

This picture focuses on his face as compared to other pics that we have taken.
Lord of Aisenhald

While i rarely take shots of the Lord, he is a magnificent sight in this picture wif the details of his armour. The picture gives the figure character and the imperfections on his helm makes him all the more attractive in my opinion.

I have yet to really make this figure looks as good as possibly can but i still left with many more impending things to paint and fix. After my Men-at-arms, it will be the trebuchet and the Pegasus Knights.

It seems neverending, but i guess that is why i love my hobby.
There is always something left to do.. Something left unfinish :)

Now, I shall leave take my leave as Joshua shall resume his one month of posting.

Keep visiting ;)


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