Tuesday, September 01, 2009

More Khorne

Hey Everyone!

Today we continue with another shot of JQ's Khorne warrior regiment, this time marching in a forest in search of glory in battle and death...this shot was taken with WT's canon ixus camera.

Interestingly, the major conflict between the Chaos gods, Khorne (war, hatred) and Slaanesh (hedonism, lust) is situated upon a fine difference between death and suffering. Khornate disciples strive to cause death with killing, while suffering...a product of such killing pursuits, serves to strengthen Slaanesh instead. It's pretty dark to remark that the ubiquitous soldier has less to fear from Khornate forces, since death is sometimes a better alternative to suffering, enslavement, torture etc. by Slaaneshi units.

Since GW has come up with such intricate Chaotic theology, sometimes I wonder if there's a chance that anyone who plays warhammer actively agrees with any of the Chaos gods, and inculcates it into their lifestyles. Of course that would seem pretty extreme, and yet don't we find ourselves committing some of the characteristics of the Chaos powers? Like hatred for others, lusting over a woman, desire to control fate etc., would be actions that religions will label as sin (at least I know for Christianity). At least for me, I wouldn't feel comfortable playing a Chaos army (with any of the gods in particular) and yet I cannot boast that I am so pure a person that I am 100% free of those sins, or 'Chaotic actions' in my life...which would point to my own need for Christ as my saviour from eternal death in sin (it's my religious viewpoint).

How do you view the fictional religion in warhammer (or other fantasty settings)? Do they intersect with current beliefs that you may hold?


Anonymous Vickers said...

HAHA. Damn Desolater.
practically took the entire page.
Well here is my 2 cents worth.

I do agree to Desolater to a great extent.

But i mean. Do what u need to do. Play what u need to play. I have Christian Friends Who play Chaos.
Nothing to do with them believe or even supporting the ethos of the religious Background of the Chaos Gods.

Here is an interesting thing to note.
Apart from the daemon armies and the crazy shit stuff tht is chaos and its uncanny similarity to Demons and Hell.

The Mortal Army comprise of Norsemen with a Noridic Tribal Warrior Culture which i do admire to a certain extent.

BEing Borna nd Bred in the Harsh Tundrra Climate and their warrior like culture. It is no big wonder that your typical chaos warrior are tougher, bigger and stronger than the southerner men.
Not becos of chaos mutation but biologically speaking.

Other than tht. They have large influence from Chaos because of their Close proximity.
And like Khornes believe of destruction.
It is a symbolism of bloodthirst and strength.

But yeah. I tink Josh can do whatever the hell he likes.
If he believes tht to a certain extent. playing chaos is a breech of his principles.. its his own right.

And well im a laid back person.
I take up any army. For me now. its just Orcs. ANd we AREZ BloodTHIRSTY ANIMALZZ

Freedom of Speech. U S A!

6:26 AM  
Blogger Joshua said...

Nicely said dude, and I myself looked at Dark Elves as the next warhammer army haha. Man they are full of hatred for all living beings LOL.

But a part of me supports the underdog (darn High Elves preening everywhere and looking glorious) and I imagined exploring this mighty schism between the elves and wonder if there are any nuances in it...oh well.

But yeah, maybe I thought a little too much into Chaos ideology when I typed out the post...perhaps we are all here to share with each other our love for warhammer, and just simply discuss various aspects of this great hobby!

Haha Vickers, I'm in Carlisle PA, how about you?

10:37 AM  

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