Monday, October 12, 2009

Elven Archery

Elven Archer and the Swordmasters

The Elves of the Arrowmerchant. (Finally with Background!)

For those who have followed our blog for a long time, i believe you have seen them before.
The Arrowmerchants painted by Mr. Tay Weiting. He takes forever to paint his elves, but through feedback, they look darn good.

Against the Sunlight, their silvery white armor gleams like angelic guardians of the world.
But of course, the elves have always been shaped to be seen that way.

Like immortals from a different time, they are like the UBER power race that represents the side of "GOOD"

Yet they remind me of the stereotypical generic characteristics of the Parisian french. Because they are so characteristically artful, articulate and graceful and superior in their combat and magic (though this part is not really similar to the french), they have character flaws of being arrogant and full of pride.

HAHA. Hope i didnt struck a nerve to anyone.

In any case, they are the trump card for the good guy side with all the perks of combat and magic. In a petty disgruntle way, it makes you wonder, where in the world did all the perks of being a human go?

Aside from this, my progress for my men-at-arms have come to a halt as i have to deal with reality and works and student life.

So i am gonna take a breather. But you will be seeing them real soon. Perhaps when the integration to one big hobby site begins. Im gonna be handing th ebaton back to My pal, Josh, And he will be taking over again , while i deal with the pinnacle of Student Academic Life.

Till then, Take care.. and keep GAMING!


Anonymous Vickers said...

Vickers said...
Here's a counterpoint to your opinion.

I agree with you on the following:
1. Humans are portrayed as really meagre and feeble and a pretty sorry as weak race in the warhammer world.
2. Elf has been portray with grace, glamour and glory as compared to the young race of men. AS do the dwarves to men.

However, I must insist that men have super advantages against the forces of evil. Imperial Weaponary are far more superior to the might of Chaos.

And while Chaos has their daemons and insane stats for their warriors, the hellblasters, Cannons, Pistoliers and weaponary is enough to cut them down before bracing close combat with the main bullwark of the Imperial Forces.

And don't get me started on Bretonnian with their crazy ward saves against +5 strength and above. And the Lance formation which is irritatingly good against any force.

I for one, am amazed at how much ( on a good roll) A bretonnian Lance formation can take out of my dark elf army and with a little bit of luck, suffer no casualties in return.

While certain aspects of the army is streamlined, the men of the warhammer world, arent as crappy as they seem.

Goblins and Gnoblars are worse off. :S

Cheers and BEERS

7:52 PM  

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