Monday, October 05, 2009

Standard Bearer of the Imperial Regiment

Imperial Banner

Back again guys. And today, Its the Imperial Regiment's Standard Bearer. This pose just reminds me of the iconic Iwo Jima raising of the American Flag.

Its amazing how a Standard can raise the Morale of Troops in the battleground.

Through a standard, there is pride inculcated to be part of that regiment. Furthermore, seeing your standard bearer in the warfront is an inspirational sight amidst the chaos and terror.

And that is why in the Warhammer World, the standard bearer gives plus one to combat resolution.

Aside from that, I feel that the picture brings out the "Pondering Soldier" image in which while he raises his standard, his sword is low and he faces the ground. Perhaps, wondering if how many men have fall for this standard for the cause of war.

But doubt in the face of battle, will most definitely leads to more fallen ones if one doesnt fight for his brothers in arms and stammer at the sight of his enemies.

And perhaps the standard makes u forget all tht. Makes u remember the pride, the glory and the magnificent of ur regiment and why u r in it.

FOOD for thought anyone?


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