Tuesday, November 03, 2009

The Phoenix Guard

Hello Everyone

We really appreciate your readership, and it motivates us on to take more pics of our figures, and share our joy for fantasy, especially for warhammer.

For today's post, we have WT's Phoenix Guard in the foreground, with his halberd ready to strike down any foe who dares challenge this coterie of elves.

According to Warhammer lore, the Phoenix Guard take watch of the Shrine of Asuryan, which contains the Chamber of Days, where past and future can be known by anyone who looks upon this chamber. Those who laid eyes upon that chamber are said to be cursed with knowledge of their exact death (cripes). It is said that this drives the Phoenix Guards to fight in the fiercest battles as they know their exact cause of death, which removes any fear they have of death...makes me wonder how a Phoenix Guard will feel if he found out that he would die by choking on a pretzel. Will he laugh so hard that he'd get kicked out of the Guard? Just a random thought.

Well here's some news on the WAR MMORPG: the trial version will unlimited time of play pretty soon, following the trend set by D&D Online (Eberon), which offers free online pay for all users. I am not sure what difference there is in the trial version vs. subscriber version, I am guessing there could be limitations in items that can be acquired etc. I remember reading in a gaming website a few months ago that someone predicted that MMORPGs would shift from pay-per-month to play-for-free but pay for special in game enhancements. Here's a website that provides some details on this development:



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