Friday, April 18, 2008

The Elven Swordsmen

It maybe 3 days late.. but i have assignments, a very good excuse for a late entry.

And so now, I start on the elven swordsmen series of pictures.. Havent really focus on this dudes that are done by my friend, WT.

This elven swordsman is meticulously done by WT who is always having somemore stuff to actually reedit about the figure.

Like the whole drybrushing and colouring he has done though.

Elf Leader looks forth

The Elf Leader looks forth... seeking the enemy.

Donning White and Bright Elven Armor, the Elf Leader looks at a distance, overseeing the lands and protects it from the Raiders and Enemies.

Im quite sure that the dude has not done anything for Warhammer though. With Regards to the High Elves, i have already commited to making a small army of High Elves since i have bought the army book. But still so many things to paint and fix.. So little time.

Still, I am able to get some time to be able to finish the 3 Bowmen tht i have been stalling with since my arrival and departure from Singapore. Now i shall be brown basing them and highlighting my Men-at-arm regiment soon. This shall be also done in consecutive progress with the 4 Extra Bowmen i brought with me from SG. I shall be doing it up here and finishing my entire collection of Bowmen here.

In a certain way, im feeling that, unlike many warhammer gamers.. im gonna be able to near the point of completely painting my army full and be able to play intensively sometime soon.


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