Thursday, February 28, 2008

Professionally Done

This is by far, one of the best professionally done warhammer figures that I own. It is done by a golden demon winner and i must say it looks terrific. its Arwen from LoTR.

The shading, drybrushing, ink wash and everything else look so flawless. I really a jealous at the remarkable quality of work that is put int the figure. The worst part is the painter took far less time to make tht figure than i can ever do. And even if i cud do as fast as him, the quality will be less outstanding compared to his.

Without furthur ado, i shall show u the High Elf Lady with a Sword. Look at the nice details and background.

Arwen with Grace

Awesomely beautiful!!!!

As for my Bowmen, shall continue doing them on the weekends. Its been crazily busy and so i shall not have the timeon weekends.. on top of the fact tht my body is sore from the workouts ive been doing.

But Im quite confident tht i will finish all the stuff that i have brought with me overseas way before i go back.

See ya next entry.


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