Monday, January 07, 2008

Its an Overrun!!

Its a new year!! And this blog is reaching 3 years soon. Insanely Nerdy and Horrifying isn't it?

Anyway, its been real busy for me this past few weeks and im a little late in schedule, but im trying my best to make the time to do this.

Well this week entry is a 3 pic display of the overrun. After the clash, the Chaos Knights won the battle overrunning the entire Empire Forces in a typical fashion. (If u notice, it always seems like the Empire are getting bashed up in every aspect of the game. Poor Empire Men. :p)

Enjoy nonetheless!

The Fortification is Overrun
Overrun by the Chaos Horde of Warriors and Knights... Only a few Spearmen stand in their way.

Final Desperate Moments
Another demoralising sight for the Empire. A definite desperation for the Imperial Forces.

The Last Struggle from the Men-at-arms
The Men at Arms are mowed down by the Frenzied Warriors of the North. A pitiful last stand against the might of Chaos as the Imperial Men are nowhere to be found anymore.

On a sidenote, i am way behind schedule for all my warhammer projects and looks like this years planned projects and overdued ones from 2007 will have to stack together. Bad planning and the fact i have little time. Other than tht, Joshua and WT pit their armies against each other. It was the 7th Ed Empire against the 8th Ed High Elves. The Battle was rather intense which ultimately resulted in Joshua winning WT.

In my opinion, both focus on stupid paper units more than their core attack force which ultimately lead to the demise and defeat of WT's forces. But it is also due to a bit of luck on Josh side, and crappy dice roles on WT side. Nonetheless, it was an even out match till the mid game point where Josh took the lead by eliminating many of WT vital forces (Phoenix Guards, Spearmen and Silver Helms.)

Well there will be more battles to come and perhaps this time, the Trio, tht being Me, WT and Josh will go out into the community and take on someone. :D

Till the next entry.. toodle loo.


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