Monday, November 26, 2007

The Knight at an angle

Hi there again!

Today's feature is a great picture of Joshua's Imperial Knight. The Angle used to take the picture made it look really cool in terms of details and colour tone. I must also add that it is a great picture taken and a great model done by Joshua

And so as the Imperial Knightly Order gaze upon their enemy across the battlefield. There seem to be an eerie calm before the inevitable vicious fighting occurs. The Knights stare calmly at their enemies, the Chaos Knights, while the Chaos Knights stare back with equivalent menace and bloodlust.

One of the Knights from the Imperial Side stabilises his Lancce before he gets ready to go thick in battle.

The forces get into their position as the Regiments of Chaos Warrior, Knights and Marauder set themselves up to face off with the Imperial Knights and their men. Time trickles faster as the beginning of sword clashing edges to its start point..

The fate of many.. yet still unknown

Onto other note, i have been struggling to highlight my knights, but i have already white undercoat my 22 bowmen. There is so little time even after school days to do my models. Nevertheless, i still have enuff time to get things done and am contented wif having to be able to paint them. Especially when i have already acquired all the paint i need to deal with the unpainted figures.

Till the next entry.. See ya


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