Sunday, October 21, 2007

Winter is Coming.. And so is War.

The calm before the storm has arrived. Partly also due to the fact that i got exams coming and i will be giving the internet and my computer a time out before i get back on. ANd after tht, it will be furious painting of warhammer and trying to complete the big task of what i said myself to do for warhammer. My paints are gonna get ready to be used up.

On top of tht, Im gonna acquire the High elf ary book and get ready for battle in PI. I will be rallying my group to start goingfor battles in the Warhammer Community. Hence, get ready all opponents.. cos winter is coming and the Bretonnian Vanguard of Tempest approaches...

Till then enjoy my pics..

The Knight Captain has rallied his Companions.

His Knights move off alongside him to intercept the Chaos forces. Silently, the knights consent to the fact that they will have to unleash the battle frenzy inside them to deal with the evils of Chaos, drive them out of Imperial land and smite them with the full glory and honour of their shining blades of steel and sharp points of their lances, for they are the Knights of the Inner Circle, sworn to defend the Emperor and protect the Empire.


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