Monday, August 06, 2007

Cloak of Darkness

The cloak of the warrior shows his path to glory. A stained and hard struggle for power through bloodlust and strength..

A champion and his treasured cloak

The spread of chaos continues, as warriors upon warriors march to do bitter battle. And yet there is no response from the counter. What will the imperial forces or those of the side of good do?

Onto other note, EA Mythic is almost ready wif the Warhammer Age of Reckoning game, and the banners have finally be raised and a call to arms have been issued to gamers like me and WT. The call from our war group has been sound. But i do not noe whether my internet capabilities and com can handle it.

In any case, if i ever embark my soul and body to the game. My career route wud be Black Orc. Definitely gonna join the "baddie" side. In any case, with regards to my painting, its going as slow a snail. SO there will be no progress update anytime soon.

*Fading away*


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