Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Its an Elven Galore

Hopefully if i continue showing more of WT's elves, it will stir him to paint more. (I think NOT!) :P

In any case, its part of the rundown features for each of my entry. Where this few months and more will be on the theme of WT's Elves. On top of the fact that the New High Elves are rumored to be the next army for the 7th Edition Warhammer. And so again we feature the High Elves!

For today, its the High Elf Retinue, comprising of the Regular Calvary, the Silver helm supported by the Regular Soldiers, the High Elf Spearmen. While the Silverhelm are made up of Nobles and Noble Elves' Sons, the SPearmen are made up of Citizens of Ulthuan, poviding their strength to the cause of defending their homeland. (Inspiring enough to remind me of crappy National Service)

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On a side note, i receive a feedback that i have not feature my Chaos Army a lot, which is true but do not worry, they will be featured soon. But just to let you know, my Chaos Army at the moment Comprises of Only Warriors and the Chaos Knights. I have yet to do my Hellcannon and other stuff. Futhurmore, My Chaos Army revolves around the Mortal Army Theme and so there is little variations in it. Cos, its all about the KILL KILL KILL!!!!


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