Tuesday, July 31, 2007

The Horde has ARRIVED

And so with sword lifted up high and the banners raised, the Horde has sweeped down on the oncoming Imperial forces. Feast your eyes on the chaos and flurry of a maddening horde.

The Chaos Warriors marching forth to war!

Been kinda surfing once in a while to warhammer and i have stumbled upon the current campaign called the Nemesis of the Crown. Did not really praticipate in it due to my HECTIC schedule, but it seems like the interactive campagin this time round seems a lil more improved from what it was before in the Storm of Chaos. On a sight topic with regard to this, since the time i joined Warhamemr till now, i have yet to see any campaign or event minatures with regards to the Bretonnian Army which havent got a lot of figures to start with.

At the same time, i have my eye on the diorama and building set. But it will be awhile before i can Paint or even construct it (as i said before). I even have doubts that i wanna paint it on my own. Might wanna get Navin to help me again from paintedfigs.com.

In any case, it will be off to slowly highlighting my Bret Army and basing it before i get on to painting my next projct on the list.

Till the next Chaos pic.



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