Sunday, June 03, 2007

Big Hulk of a Warrior Vs The Slender Swordmaster

Im back again to drop a new feature. But this will not be so frequent until i have sorted out the workload waiting in line to receive my attention. It will be the end of this month before i will have a slightly lighter load to attend to Painting and even getting back to the regular weekly feature.

In any case, enjoy my two pics of the Swordmaster of the Arrowmerchant, taking on the massive Chaos warrior of the north in this captivating picture of the intense faceoff. The paintwork done by

The Gliding swordmaster against the Brawn of Chaos.

Both duellist meet eye to eye before the final blow..

Not too sure, if Wt has done anything to his High Elves, but this is for sure. There will be more features on the Bretonnians and Chaos figures.

At the same time, I might scout around for diorama to accompany the features and perhaps take shots of other ppls work.( These will be probable though, not a confirmation)

But this will all be done in time to come. As for this month, it will be dormant due to many dire issues i have to attend to. The tagboard shall still be active with discussion but tht will just have to suffice for now.

As for project tasked out for this year, it will be a very difficult one for me as it is far more daunting then my military projects. Therefore, by the end of the year, i might have to go full steam for it.

Till the next feature or discussion, See ya.


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