Tuesday, May 08, 2007

The Noble Merchant has arrived.

From the Renowned Realm of Ulthuan, the Arrowmerchants' Nobles have arrived on the shores of Bretonnia. The Leader, Lithir takes his entourage to meet up with his allies and Bretonnian Compatriot in Aisenhald.

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The Noble and his Silver helms.

I love the lighting for this pic. Makes the Elf Lord look so pristine and glorified.

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Escorted by the Head Paladin of the Grail Knights of the Order of the Shroud, the Elves are brought to Aisenhald, the Land of the Hardened.

Nice scene of afternoon with both Bretonnian and High Elf character together. The Light colour code of the High Elves contrast the dark one of the Bretonnains in a natural agreement.

Too Bad, someones not painting anymore. ANyway, i have done two Knights. onto the next two. before long, they will be based, and only 5 more left to go. Overall, i have this feeling i will be paiting more intensely for Warhammer compared to my military one if i were to complete the annual project task.

Till next entry, toodle loo.


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