Wednesday, July 18, 2007

At last, The New Features

And so after much asking and lots of time taken, the pics are done and the entry will be up on the new pics. Improved with better editing and better phototaking, i must say it really rocks now. I must give thanks to my friend, Josh for helping in making it possible to make it look as cool as it is, due to his assistance. Plus i wud like to thank for his contribution for the Empire Units. An so i shall start with the first feature.

While The Imperial Forces perform their normal routine duties, The Banners of the Dark forces have been raised, in a bid to rally the Chaos forces to once again wreck havoc in the lands of the Empire.

And so the Bannersman of their Champions and Lords hold their banners up high to let all know that Chaos has returned with a bigger presence, addin more power with regards to the recent campaign.

A shadow silouette taken by me of a bannerman. The Background gives a dark ambience tht suits the coming of Chaos.

There will be more great features i promise you that and it will get better. But as for now, enjoy this pic and the impending suspense it brings.

With regards to other news, its been hectic and time is of the essence. I have yet to highlight my next batch of 5 Knights while i am basing my present batch of already highlighted Knights.
On an after thought of my last hols, there is only one thing i have not done is pit battle of either of my armies. As for my next buy, i am quite tempted in getting the huge diorama set for Warhammer, whicch comprises of a fort, a watch tower, a chapel and fences.

As for painting it, im not too sure about tht. Of course tht depends whether i can acquire an influx of Big $$$$ to buy it.

Till the next entry.. WAARRGHH!!!


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