Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Grimace of the Chaos Knight

This is by far the best perspective pic of my chaos knight. The side pic of his helm, gives a sense of bloodlust look on his expressionless face. Damn i love my chaos knights. So solid, unbreakable and strong. Feast your eyes...

Its time to CLEAVE some new meat!

As for painting, I have not done much even though the hols are here. Workload, lethargy and other activities have prevented me so. But i have been seeing the High Elf preview and I am getting more drawn into buying them especially the dragon and the phoenix guard... *drools*.
Oh and he Black Orcs.. Argh so many interested figures.. But i must still remind myself i have shitloads more to paint.. More than my military collection though less complex to do it.

Till the next pic.. Enjoy the pic's lustre, intent and its amazing focus :D


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