Thursday, August 23, 2007

The Calvary has arrived

The Horde of Chaos continues its onslaught, putting down all who resist them. Among their forces, stands the Chaos Knights.These Armoured men on immense horses slay all who stand in their way, cutting their enemies down like grass. Horsemen tht even strike a sense of fear to Knights, these Chaos Knights are something out of the ordinary.

Chaos Knight wielding an Axe.Ready for Meat!

Will be back on to working on my highlights for my Knights during the hols. But at the moment, there will be nothing much done. On the topic of buying, I have been eyeing diorama for warhammer but they are also insanely expensive even in comparision to my other modelling hobby. Oh and besides black orcs, the newhigh elves are out as i mentioned before. AND OH MY GOD, they look so tentalising. The Colour code is definitely great. (Definitely in my books for acquiring once i finish all my models. Question is when wud i finish it. Not for a long time for sure.) Its a hint for u too WT, to paint ur HIGH ELVES! Anyway, the new army rules have make the High Elves even more scarier. They are no more the gay twits they used to be.

Looknig forward to see more figures fromt he High elves. Till then , See ya on the next entry ;)


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