Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Lo and Behold, The Leader of Chaos!

And so as the Horde begins their march down upon the Imperial Lands. The Leader rises forth distinctly from the men. His horse looms over the big battle-hardened warriors as he raises his sword to bring his unit together as one fierce torrent of adrenaline and bloodlust, urging his men forward to gloriouss blood, gore and battle

The Chaos Knight

Recently, the SG Warhammer Community will be organising a noob Tourney. Havent been to one before, even though Im saying i want to go. Im interested, but im still wondering if i can truly have the time to go. (It is in september).

Onto my project of highlighting, i have kinda completely stop on both modelling hobbies for quite a while due to time constraint, ill management and huge workloads. With regards to warhammer though, im taking a particular liking fo Black ORcs. The Adorable fearsome creatures.! arghh! lol

Till my next rant, Ciao!


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