Saturday, September 29, 2007


Chaos wrecks havoc among the villages and soon enough they will approach the towns and cities. Their tyranny is renowned in the Imperial Lands and so the Empire has sent out their finest warriors to stop them.

Introduing the Knights of the Empire. Bred by the Code of Honour and Chilvary, they are somewhat similar to the Knights of the West. A Captain of the Knight Order charges forth to meet the challenge of the Chaos Knights, but will he be too late or too weak to stop the impending doom? Only when their eyes and swords meet, can we be certain....

This Knight is painted and done courtesy of Joshua. He put a really great dark metallic hue to the armour the Knight is wearing. Another conversion is using a Bretonnian Head rather than the standard Imperial one. The Color code is unique and different from the normal standard one. A great work from my fellow warhammer fren, Josh.

On other side note, its quiet on the war front for me. Nothing much for warhammer except crickets singing and crows cawying, clearly the current disposition im in need not be explained anymore. Till more high elf stuff come out and more figures to make.. I will see u in the next entry. ;)


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