Monday, September 10, 2007

Warhammer on a pause....

Well i dont really have time to talk much about my features and i can say that i dun even have anything to say with my progress on projects or warhammer as a whole, cos there isnt even progress or me working on anything to start wif as I have been slacking like a slob, but at the same time still burden with work. Im trying to become a nerd in the sense of studying hard so no hobbies for a while, although features will still be available. So here is my feature, enjoy!

The Commander of the Chaos Knights gesturing the attack to sweep off Imperial Forces.

As for 40K, i have a stash of grey knight terminators. Like the Grey knight theme and story.. but i dun have the Cash and Time at the moment to even deal wif fantasy. So 40K will be a while from now.. A long while....


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