Sunday, October 28, 2007

Repeated Pics

Im back.. But not for long.. gotta be off doing something else too. Anyway,ive been taking a few repeated pics for my features in terms of same angling and same almost everything. Not much a a difference in terms of the photoes, but i guess that is because i jus wasnt too sure which one was better. But i guess, my next photoshoot project for my warhammer fiures will not have anymore repetitive stuff.. But pls bare wif some the entries that are repetitive for the moment.

Feast ur eyes now, for the March of the Imperial Knights,

The Knights of the Inner Circle, from the Black Cross Detachment marching to meet the Chaos Knights

The Resolute Knights in their shining armor.

Gonna get HIGH ELF ARMY BOOK SOON!!!!.. Its coming..and so is winter....

Time to steel urselves!


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