Friday, December 21, 2007

The Charging Moment

Back with my photo feature.

The Imperial Knight at the same angle as before, but this time he is one with his steed, as his unit charge to the Chaos Knights

The Knight is Ready

Like this picture a lot, and I got quite nice feedback on the last one that has a similiar post but a slightly different angle. Nonetheless, great figure done by Joshua.

And so, with the actions of th Imperial Knight, it acts as a catalyst to the Chaos knights, causing them to respond with bloodlust and the yearning to hear the clash of steel and the taste of blood.

With a raise of the Commander Sword. The Chaos Knights charge towards their charging enemies...

The Leaders Clash
The Chaos Knight Commander leading his men on the Charge..

Another nice pic with nice painting.. dun u tink so? well i cant speak much for my own painting, but i must say i like the contrast and the colour of the Chaos Knight and the Sky. :P But i guess thats just my opinion.

Anyway, onto other news, WT thrashed my Chaos Army with his new High Elf Army. We finally got the rules sorted out and well, i guess this time, i was outwitted, outplayed and owned in both Combat and Magic Phases. WT was dominating in the magic phase as i did not commit any magic defenses against him. On top of that, I had really lousy luck and bad rolls fo psychology. I always kept on failing my Psychological Rolls that made things really bad for my army.

Oh well, Still, WT has failed to put a dent to my record of zero defeats against his High Elves from my Bretonnians. Next Battle if Joshua is free, wud be, Empire against the New High Elves. It would definitely be something to watch as Josh loves spreading out his options of Magic, Shooting and Combat throughout his Imperial Army. But i guess a date must be set before we can do that. Till then, stay tuned for my next report and picture feature.

Chaos to all!


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