Tuesday, December 04, 2007


The Two sides await for one to make a move... Neither side flinching...

A brief moment of silence filled the air before the Imperial Commander raises his sword to issue the charge on his riders.


An eruption of Chaotic roar from both sides echoed thru the grounds as both calvary units charges at each other with fearsome power... The Battle Begins!

A really nice photo taken with the help of Joshua. I really like the shading and the colour content of the sky and the dark armour of the Imperial Captain Knight. It gives a real nice contrast of colours in the picture and i do hope u enjoy it. :D

With regards to my warhammer stuff, i plan to complete all my basing and highlights of my Bretonnian Army by this month end. On top of tht, i plan to also complete my final amount of 22 bowmen by this month end too. The rest of the project will be done by january 2008. After that, i shall create a new project plan for next year.

Till the next tiresome entry.. Toodle loo


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