Friday, December 28, 2007

A CLash of Swords

And so both commanders eye each other in the midst of the melee. It was a call to meet the challenge between mutual enemies. Instinctively, both commanders with their pride on the line, spur their steeds on against their counterpart...

The Imperial Captain Attacks!

Steel met steel as the two Commanders pit themselves against each other. Their Swords clash like thunder and what seem like an eternity ended in a moment as one man's sword fell from his hand while the other had the first taste of blood......

With regards to the picture, i really like how the focus is on the Imperial Commander which is furthur away than the Chaos Kniht commander, but i guess it isnt say exceptionally great. In any case, enjoy it once again and there will be more to come.

As for my models, i have already 60% painted my 6 bowmen and highlighted my last set of knights. Will not be so active next week as i will be away.. but shall keep u updated on stuff.

Cheerio.. and Happy Holidays!


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