Thursday, February 21, 2008

Statue of Firm Determination

Today's pic is a statue of the Dwarven Resoluteness. It is a representation of their fiercesome temper and their stoic character that has made them so iconic among their foes. Their eagerness for battle and glory. Their stubborness to not flee from battle and fight till the bitter end.

Ths is the dwarven creed.

This pic is yet another modified pic of a figure to look like a statue. Its rather mediocrely done but then again, maybe others might think otherwise.. Tell me about it.

A Statue of Remembrance

The Dwarven Statue.

With regards to my progress on my Bowmen, amazingly, i am walking real fast on it. With the reality of having to do everything by myself, i seem to have more concentration and becos of tht, the 12 bowmen with me shud be done in no time. Still left 4 at Singapore. Shall proceed to highlighting my old Men At Arm though. Thts about it for now. Will update more.



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