Monday, January 14, 2008

Sneaky Goblin

In the depth of abandon dwarven mines and dark caverns, there lies the Night Goblins. A snivelling race filled with hatred for all and a craving for greed and riches. The night goblins lurk in their darkness for it is their only solace against their bigger cousins, the Orcs and other enemies like the Humans, Elves and especially the Dwarves.

Here i have a pic of a night goblin who obviously is disgruntled at the picture taken.

The Sniggering Goblin

Nonetheless, i cant stand the little twirps they are.. especially the Night Goblin Fanatics.

Onto other note, the new features that shall be taken from my next photoshoot will showcase a more PERSPECTIVE view of High Elves, Bretonnians, Chaos and Empire. So stay tune!

I wish i cud get other races for warhammer but i aint rich and i sure as hell gonna finish all my armies before buying other warhamemr stuff.

Tillthen though, i hope the new pics will satisfy ur taste for warhammer and of the minimal collection i have.

Till then.. cheerios


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