Thursday, February 14, 2008

Dwarven Courage

Hi again. This is yet another picture feature on the Warhammer Blog. So This week i have an abstract pic of a dwarven warrior.

The stoic dwarves have for centuries defended their keeps and their stronghold with bravery and courage. With their expertise in masonry, engineering and runesmiths, they come up with ingenious ways to repel hordes of enemies from breaking into their Strongholds.

Being resolute, stoic and unbreakable, the dwarves are one o the most hardy races of the warhammer world.

So here is the pic,

The Dwarven Hero

It is not painted, hence i gotta do some nice effect to make it look cool by itself.

Onto my models.. I will be attempting to complete all the bowmen overseas and Highlight my men-at-arms. I figure that will be as much as i will do down there. Which shud be more than enough. Still thinking of what will be next when i come back from overseas.

Till next week. CHEERS


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