Thursday, February 07, 2008

Blood Knights' Horror

Well as you have known by now the Vampire Count army is coming and there are pretty much many new units that ae different from the last time.

But personally, i have the liking for the Blood Knights. They look terrifying and cool at the same time. So without furthur ado, i shall show u more of the Blood Knights. These figures are probably something i will buy and paint for collecting purposes if i had the money and TIME.

Blood Knight Captain
This is a closeup of the BLood Knight in the last Entry. He is obviously the Champion or the Blood Knight Castellan. The whole colour of the armour and his beastly furcoat looks so awesome!

Warhammer Pic of VC
This is the Musician Blood Knight.. He looks big and hulky and obviously fearsome. The Armour gives him a huge bulk of ferocity and it makes him look so menacing which is similar to a Chaos Knight's armour. But perhaps the only diference between a Chaos Knight and a Blood Knight is tht the Blood Knight is Deadlier.

On a side note, i have been working with whatever time i have to finish the bowmen before i go. At the very least, I will do tht minimum before i leave overseas. But its gonna be a rush..

See how it goes. At the very least, i will have to bring more stuff to do up there wif regards to Warhammer. :D



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