Monday, January 21, 2008

Perspective Shot of the Gremlin

Craving to Kill some Dwarves.. The Goblin takes up his spear to take over the lands of the Aging Dwarves.

Goblin Frenzy

Long Past the glory days of the dwarves, such that the dwarves lack the numbers compared against the Goblin Population, to watch over all of the underworld that they live in.

But being ever so resilient, the dwarves fend the night goblins off from their remaining stronghold, holding their grounds against the horde. But for how long???

Wth regards to painting and assembling, its still a long and ardous task tht is taking me forever to complete. I tink i have a very hard task up ahead in completing 2007 and 2008 projects.
Will keep updating the site though as i reach my 3rd year.. WOOHOO.. Till then.. See ya later!


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