Friday, March 07, 2008

Closeup of Arwen

This is the next feature tht is link to last week feature. It is the Arwen figure taken at an angle wif closeup. Do notice the details of the painting and how the eyes dont appear to look like crap because of the precision painting that is done.

I like my High Elf Blademaster along with the background as both figure and scenery goes in contrast in the photoshoot.. and i hope u do enjoy it too.. Paid alot for the great quality and so i hope it is appreciated.

Austere and Brilliance from the Elf

Austere and Brilliance of the Blademaster High Elf.

So far, the progress of my models have been on a slow as i have a lot of crap to sort out with regards to overseas living. I mean i have adapted to it but there is work and other stuff needed to be done. But it wont be long before i begin on highlighting the batch of Spearmen and finishing up the Bowmen.



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