Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Heraldry of the Knight

This is one of my abstract picture taking of my models. This heraldry shot gives a very medieval feel to the picture. The whole inperfect painted style makes the picture look all the more nicer and realistic of the days of fantasy where perfection is the least of everyone's concern..

Enjoy the wonderful pic of the Heraldry of Bretonnia and its beauty. Hope this abstract shot ois appreciated by u all ;)

Beautiful Heraldry

The White Lion Heraldry of a Knight at Realms.

The pic has a very small hue of blurness to make it looks cooler. Hope u like it!

On a Sidenote, theres a lot happening for Warhammer. There is the release of the Vampire Count Army which has a lot of new crap that are already in stores. On top of that, there are rumors that the next army to be release is the Dark Elves. And omg.. what about warhammer online.. There so much shit going on for warhamme rin contrast to my military hobby. On top of that, the gaming community in SG under the Paradigm Infinium is holding a Tournament this June, which i dun tink i can attend due to exams!! -_- and there will be a gaming convention featuring Warhammer Fantasy at the end of the year which is apparently gonna be quite big...

WOw WOw Wee WOw.. its nerd galore again... Im gonna FORCE josh and WT to go.. MUAHHAHA