Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Meeting of the Ancients

Hey Everyone

Continuing with our High Elf theme, we have WT's Phoenix Guard with WT's lizardman saurus soldier. Facing off? It'll be weird since they have a shared enemy in the shape of the Druchii, and that they are both known not to invade in thirst of conquest. Negotiations? A meeting? It's up to you :)

The HE is painted by WT, while the lizardman is by

The lizardmen outdate the high elves in terms of antiquity, having served the Old Ones, the creator of the 'new' races of dwarves, elves and men. It is interesting to note that lizardmen can tolerate outside presence in Lustria, after men have settled in various ports in the area...but are totally merciless when it comes to looting and stealing artifacts from them. Case in point: they actually invaded Naggaroth to reclaim an artifact stolen by the Dark Elves...something you don't hear too often.

About the integration thing, it might happen sooner than we had expected. No concrete plans yet, since we're gonna meet at the end of this year to really see where we can go with this project.

Thanks again for coming down to this blog, and it's time for me to hand it back to JQ!


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