Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Leading the Fight

Commander Man-at-Arm takes the lead

So along this entire year oh so, I believe i have been ranting with Josh about the frailities of Men in the Warhammer World. But hey... COme on, U noe im right ;) *sniggers*

Well this is a picture which speaks in contrast from the usual fuming questions of playing the Human race that is "Why warhammer keeps showing humans always getting killed and losing?"

Well here we see a lowly sergeant at arms raising his sword, and world the background around him is blur, it is easy to assume that he is leading his regiment against chaos warriors. The Spears and Halbierdiers around him are raised in defense and in defiance of the massive hulk that is Chaos.

I do not deny that Chaos are fearsome, terrifying and that the peasants, militia of Bretonnia and Empire would stand a slim chance at them, but this pic captures defining moments of defying the odds.

And what i wanna conclude is that, WHO DOESNT LIKE to see a Man-at -arm or a halbierdier kill a Chaos Warrior by himself?

HAHA with a lil luck. Tht can happen.. Although, Im pretty sure the Chaos Player would probably be swearing profusely.

On a sidenote, I will be intensifying my involvement in Warhammer since my exams are over and i have a holiday to take a breather. Furthermore, after so long of a depravation, I feel like being more involved in my local Warhammer Community. Integration is also underway. And yes, Josh and I will be discussing lots on it.

So stay tune.. and thnx for reading :)


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