Monday, November 23, 2009

Two Men at Arms Buddies

Men at Arms from the Vanguard of Tempest

Men-at-Arms often become brothers-in-arms. Camaraderie is never ever found far from any form of army unit. More often than not, Men have develop a certain brotherhood among each other. Especially when these men are put into situations that require them to put their lives on each other.

War though cruel, develop bonds between men-at-arms that are thicker than many in civilian life would not experience.

I guess that is why War is such an emotional and terrifying thing for men becos the next thing u noe it, ur brother-in-arm could be taken away from u.. and as the years go on and war drags on, U senses are numb to all the emotion and distraught of losing close ones around u.

Nevertheless, Camaraderie have also brought men to stand firm and stick together in the fight. In fact, thru such Unity, it incalucates great strength and high morale, which can be a deadly force compared to an army unit tht lacks the relations between each men.

So it is definitively acceptable to say Unity is Strength.


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