Friday, April 25, 2008


Welcome back to yet another entry of the High Elves. Today.. We see the Great Swordmasters of Ulthuan in the foreground of Grey Sky.

I like what WT has done to the elves. They all look so handsome. Damn elves and their high charisma.

Anyway enjoy the Pic.. and tell me more about it.. Don't really have the whole "fantasy" mode in my head now to actually come up with something awesome to say. :p lol

Sword Masters
Resolute Swordmasters of Ulthuan..

Ive been so preoccupied wif so many things to do.. i havent put great effort into my figures. I have been colouring the bases of my Bowmen but havent really go on to doing the Men-at-arms or starting on my new Bowmen. Nonetheless, there is still a certain amount of progress.

Nothing else much to say this week.. Jus ZZZZ

May sleep be with u.. cos its gonna be wif me for now.


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