Friday, May 09, 2008

Elven Armor

Elven Armour, renowned in the Fantasy world as the most lightweight yet sturdy of all armours. The Armour fits their tiny framed body and protects them from even the biggest blows from the meanest baddies.

Here we have Weiting's Fine drybrushing of golden chainmail on his elf tht can be seen in detail. The dude is very particular on the style of drybrushing, but it does pay off in a way as it looks nice how the white layer of cloth blend with the chainmail underneath it.

So tell me is it good or anyway to improve it. :D cheers.

Detailed Elven Chainmail

Exquisite Brilliance of Elven Chainmail

On another side note, I have used what remaining Brown i have to base more of my Bowmen.. But just for today. I dun tink i wanna do much. And updating what i have been painting is not what i wanna do for Warhammer today.

What I wanna mention though is that the Warhmmaer scene is picking up in Singapore. And i feel so crappy that i aint in the scene due to me being here. Yes its kinda wierd and nerdy to tink that way. But Hey! It my passionate hobby and i so wanna get down and play some Warhammer! Gaming Convention.. Tournament.. NOO!!!!

I will do it one day though.. Thts for sure.. Jus hope they arent creepos. cos tht is one thing my frens are all scared about.. tht makes them dun wanna join in this type of games.. I on the other hand.. am still cool about it.

Till another day.. cheers


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