Friday, May 16, 2008

Stoic resolution

Stoic resolute Elves

Stoic Arrowmerchat's Great Swordmasters in brillant elven chainmail

Personally, I like this pic as the elves look rather real when u stare long enuff at the picture. The eyes were refined by digital editing but generally it is all WT's work. In a certain way, they all have a different look, but all of them look flawless.. a Very distinct trait of the Elves. Once again, its a job well done by WT though. I have yet to see what OTHER stuff is he going to modify.

I for one, will be coming up with my own Elven Army.. eventually :p

As for painting, i am on a healthy progress of completing my bowmen and highlighting my men-at-arms. Soon enough, i will only need to finish up painting my remaining unpainted bowmen. But before this, I need to get new Skull White and Scorched Brown Paint for my models. But oh well... there is no time left for hobbies and i will be going on a break for a while.

Till next week :D


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