Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The March Forth.

So the Chaos Retinue proceeds on to deal with all opposing force. RAWR...
Here is a side view of the fiercesome warriors in the dark forest.

Funny thing is this pic really reminds me of the haunting videos and pictures of Drakkonfest or Dragon Festival in Germany which massive number of people roleplay as characters of the warhammer world. (ACK).

Chaos on the Foot March


With regards to my task i need to do for warhammer, i still have to paint finish my unfinish bowmen and base them. I did based the rest of the stuff and bought resupplies for my other pending warhammer project. I have already done all the basing and highlighting for my bowmen and men-at-arms. So will have to think of what is next on my list of highlighting on top of the fact that i have more to paint. :D

All should go well though.



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