Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm not a Happy Chaos Warrior

Leader of the Warriors Undivided

RAWR. Im not a happy chaos warrior indeed. Chaos Warriors, the dreadful mortal warriors of the north wasteland. But what makes them dreadful is that they arent as normal as their southern counterparts.

Technically, they are humans too. Just that they all look like they are on steroids and are clearly a head taller than their Human counterparts. ANd last but not least, they always look angry.

But i guess that brings out more of the menace and fear that is Chaos.
It really put things into perspective when you put a Chaos Warrior next to a Halbierdier or a Imperial Militia. The Warrior exceed in height by a head at least; Even the old edition Chaos Warriors had a bigger bulk like rugby players compared to the normal Men-at-arms of Bretonnia.

And lastly i guess what differs them from the pure bred humans of the south is their affliction to chaos as you can see from this champion in which he has horns on his head.

Clearly the guy has some Skull issues. :P Nonetheless, the Chaos Warriors are second to none in terms of Stats against any other race. Add Frenzy and Other additional features and you can turn a regiment of Chaos Warriors in to a menace for any foot unit.

And yes, Even phoenix guards will have a problem with them.



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