Wednesday, July 09, 2008

The Flagbearer of Chaos

Every Army has its Glorious Flagbearer. And In my opinion, the Flagbearer of the Chaos Warrior looks daunting and awesome in sight comparatively to the rest.

The sheer size of the Warrior's figure holding the flag which is draped in the black cloth and has the Mark of Chaos makes the entire atmosphere so terrifying.

So here u have the Group of 4's Flagbearer in the forest in the dark night.

Flagbearer of Chaos
Flagbearer of Chaos, Doombringer of Men

If you have seen my military blog, you will notice that the projects i was thinking off doing in KL may not be entirely possible now due to my lack of an airbrush. This means that i will probably be diverting more time to warhammer and perhaps attempt to complete more projects than was first forecast. I might bring my pegasus knights to KL to complete too.

On top of that, i have finally gotten over the stigma of green and shall slowly give "green" its part in my life and my hobby collection.

Other than this, i have already finished my Bowmen after so long. Painting about 3 dozen bowmen is no small feat though it did take me a long while. Many more completion to come, but tht is a start.

Other than tht, My friends, WT and Josh, and I have finally submitted a few Warhammer figures for painting under paintedfigs. So there will be more figures to be featured in the next year. Perhaps, even a new race from the normal ones that you normally see in my blog. So.. Stay tuned

Will be seeing you all soon ;)


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