Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Charge of the Brave Young Ones.

Good Day to all.

After a long hiatus, the Bretonnians are back! This time I shall be featuring a few in-depth view of the Knight Errants. The Knight Errants are the initiates after squirehood to earn their place and title as Knights of the realm. Brazen, Rash and Chilvarious. They resemble the embodiment of what Knighthood is all about.

And so.. the Knight Errants of Bretonnia are sent out on their first quest to prove themselves worthy of Knighthood. Their Mission is to deal with the Chaos Warriors.

Knight Errants Charge

On other news, I have already undercoat my new box of men-at-arms chaos black. The new Bretonnian Men-at-Arms set have so many parts to play with and customisable parts that its making me stall on what to put for each individual man-at-arm. The plastic mold makes it easier to paint though. But it also requires more skill to make it look awesome. It will take me quite a while to tackle it.

On top of that, im still thinking of comin up wif different base scene for my figures. I wanna make this new set of Men-at-Arms wif a urban base that is more elaborate that the old one. Hopefully, I will come up wif something good.

My friends and I are sill awaiting the commencing of other warhammer works under our direction and done by paintedfigs.

One thing is for sure, im gonna enjoy painting something NEW. Finally :D


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