Monday, December 14, 2009

Amidst the Sunset

Hey Everyone!

Thanks to JQ for filling in for the blog for the past 4 weeks, and for all of you too for coming down and reading this blog dedicated to warhammer!

Well, we're continuing with the HE, and this time featuring WT's HE hero striking a dramatic pose with spear and shield at hand. (not to do any disservice to WT's painting or HE in general...realistically speaking, one needs to have head muscles of an ogre to be able to fight while wearing that huge ceremonial helm haha)

The story of the High Elves is filled with much tragedy and valor, for they have experienced great rifts outside (War of the Beard) and inside (Dark Elf split), and now face an old enemy from the past: Chaos. One of the most striking/dramatic stories for me was how the Druchii split from the High Elves, over the matter about succession of the Phoenix Throne...and as high and lofty the elves maybe, the harder they fall as they are inflexible to change their ways. Pathos and pride have been major threads in the history of the High Elves, and yet the High Elves remain as stoic and steadfast as ever...ready to engage those who dare defile Ulthuan, and answer the bugles of their allies as battle fills the air.

Onto other news...The Endless Trial for WH: Age of Reckoning has begun, and has pretty nifty restrictions to make sure freeloaders don't get everything...such as playing only Chaos/Empire, inability to choose server to play on etc. Of course, you still get to play for free for an unlimited amount of time.

Details can be found here:


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