Monday, December 07, 2009

I'm a big shot Commander of the High Elves

The Stoic Elven Hero
This is a Portrait of Weiting's Elven Hero that he had acquired and painted fully last year.

When Weiting dedicated himself to painting a figure, he can come up with the most brilliant colour scheme and painting effects. I guess all of us have come a long way in honing our paint brush and painting our figures.

Nonetheless, I still hope that we all can manage to finish everything that we have and paint it all into its full glory and continue on with painting other new stuff.

Well in this picture, we see that haughty elf in a defensive pose. Somehow or another though, the elf figure gives out its innate characteristic of being arrogant while it is posing.
I feel it looks as if He is a big shot in the scene. Then again, it could be how the camera capture the elf.

But its quite a definitive to assume that he is a leader of the elves of Weiting's Arrow Merchant Army.

On a sidenote, I will be finishing up my Men-at-arms soon. Furthermore, I will pass the blog back to Joshua to talk more about Weiting's High Elf Hero and stay tune to mroe awesome warhammer pictures.

Its been good hanging out and talking about Warhammer stuff. I hope to give more interesting stuff and increase interest in the people who read my stuff.



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