Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Elven Stand

Hey Everyone

I was away for some travel, and just had some time to put some posts up, so this post is a little late.

This time, we have WT's High Elf commander, majestic and inspiring as he faces the Chaos horde with guile and alone.

The High Elves are ancient foes of Chaos, and the 2 have a shared history of hatred that stretches back into the dawn of time of the Old World. This pic turned out pretty nice, as it spells out the tension the lone High Elf feels against a horde of Chaos warriors, not your regular Joe-schmoes of the Warhammer world. Insurmountable odds? Is the noble elf hero doomed to defeat at the blades of Khorne? Dice rolls will only tell.

The majestic High Elves also have a pretty loyal fan-base, and if you're interested, there's a fan-fiction website devoted the the High Elves of Warhammer:


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