Monday, January 04, 2010

United Bowmen

Hello fellow Fantasy Fans!

Here's wishing all of you a HAPPY NEW YEAR and many happy returns as we enter into a new decade.

Today we have JQ's Bret bowman next the WT's HE archer, holding their bows taut against the impending charge of their foes, for Man and High Elf have forged a resolute alliance against forces who threaten the Old World.

It is interesting to note that Bretonnia is characterized by honor tarnished by real world darkness. Different editions of the army book had different perspectives on the divide between commoners and the nobility.

The 3rd Edition described an extremely bleak existence of serfs in contrast of the extravagance and corruption of their rulers. Meanwhile, the 4th/5th moved away from the darkness, with the 5th picturing the nobility showing a great deal of honor and care for the plight of their subjects. The 6th and 7th editions introduced a more balanced outlook to the kingdom, with dutiful knights and the abject poverty of the commoners, much due to the impossibility of social progression for peasants (even if they served in the army, as a 90% tax is typically enforced upon them).

Also, there are suggestions within the 6th edition that the state religion of Bretonnia may have been a manipulation of the Wood Elves, descendants of High Elven colonists who first lived in pre-Bretonnia. It is hinted that the elves see the kingdom as a buffer force against any threat to their interests, but there are no such rules that prevent Bretonnian forces from attacking the elves. On the other hand, the Bretonnians still view the High Elves with honor and respect, knowing that the elves themselves stand for good, but possess fearsome military prowess.

Well, it is time for me to hand over the postings to JQ, and again, thanks for coming down to this blog with our shared interest in WFB! Take care, and gooooo Warhammer!


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