Sunday, April 24, 2005


Months have passed, many moons have gone and the world lays silent and calm. As everything remain still and peaceful in the night, it is as though time never existed and there were no ripples of events that stirred the earth.
But that was not the case, nor would it be in time to come, for the depths of darkness barely emits existence in the Old World, and the taint of Chaos lurks everywhere, slowly stealing the fresh life and soul of humanity.
It has been almost a season winter after the aftermath of the Storm of Chaos and though the Conclave of the Light were able to ward off Lord Archaon and his Horde. The corruption he brings, remains and its infection spreads like the vile air of the streets.
And Although Middleheim holds on, the many Keeps that lay around it continue to crumble under its own frail foundation due to the onslaught of the Hellcannons. The Frontline of the Old World has becomes weak and meek, and this is the time for oppurtunist and the greedy from both inside and outside the walls of the Empire to take advantage and seize and epitomical position in the Old World to spread their dominion.

From the South, awaits the Undead. Vicious Vampire Counts that have observed the epic battle between Chaos and the Light of the Conclave and During the entire event, the Counts layed Dormant, their army at a standstill, laying dormant but present. It is still unknown what is to come from them.

Up North, the fury of Chaos has not died out, for Lord Archaon has not given up his ambitions, though due to his failure, many have fallout of his lead, and internal dispute has arised among the tribes again. But many would say that it would be almost likely for a second coming from the Vicious Chosen of the Gods of Chaos.

And so while the World relishes in the momentary silence and peace. It is undoubtedly due to the constant patrolling of the many brave souls of the Conclave of Light who persist on into routing out the small despots, tyrants and evil out.

But as time goes by, many of the armies must leave, and what holds for everyone beyond present time, is but anyone's guess...

And So It Begins

The Depth of the Infernal lays unknown to many. A place that lays deep within the Core of the World. But its spans and its cause and effect rises up. Its power unleashes fury.. Fury that will be untold of.. and while the surface has suffer its own problems, the destruction is but only the beginning from what is to come from below.