Thursday, August 27, 2009

Annoucement Peeps

I apologize but it seems like tht template for the Warhammer skin is going awry.
In any case i have used the standard blog skin to continue the blog.

But before we continue with our usual weekly post. Josh and I have ben discussing a few new ideas. Especially with regards to the two hobby blogs.

We are really grateful for the handful of u who actually frequent to see our pictures. But we want to do more.

AS you may have noticed, theres only so much we can do for Warhammer and Military Modelling jus taking our own pictures.
And we wanna make this a more interactive site wif more community involvment and also raised more awareness on the uber coolness of such hobbies and add extra stuff to show case our interest, humor and other activities.

As such, we are gonna implement an integration of Military Modelling and Warhammer. But not just tht, We are gonna be adding way more new stuff and interesting stuff that are not just our stuff, but a network.

While we have no intention to make it globally popular.. We wanna strengthen the Interest of various stuff as a whole and make it more applicable and appealing to other people who may wanna take these areas of our interest as their hobby.

As such, Me and Josh would like to welcome comments, feedback and recommendations that can most definitely create something out of this two blogs to make it better.

Almost 4-5 years for each blog. Its time we take a different step on our hobby interest.

Hope you guys will be agreeable with this decision.


Monday, August 24, 2009

Shield of Khorne

Hey fellow hobbyists!

Thanks go out to JQ for filling us in with some of our shots for the past few weeks, especially with some of our first few DSLR shots.

For today we have a close-in shot of a shield of one of JQ's Khone warriors. Personally, this edition of warriors look much cooler compared than their hunched-back predecessors, and when JQ got them painted by paintedfigs, I have to say that the folks did a great job.

These devout worshippers of the God of War and Hatred strike fear in all who take up arms against them, for they have no care of personal preservation and fear of death...for flowing blood is all Khorne desires. Even the basic warriors are pretty kickass units, packing quite some punch and strength, combined with strong Chaos armor, and even with the Mark of Khorne to boot. I am not a master of Chaos rules (especially with all these new editions), but I do remember that they have magic resistance and frenzy (which can go both ways) as some bonuses to add on to their units.

On a lighter note, I bumped into a WAR poster've probably guessed it, 'Khorne Flakes'...har-har :)

I'll leave the merits of the poster up for discussion, but more interestingly the writer (Nine's Nonsense) talked about the emergence of the 'WOW-instant-gratitude' syndrome of today, where a market has emerged for players who want to get into the thick of action, without the arduous and time-consuming ingredient of a rewarding hobby: painting. I have to admit that I am an 'in-between', as my figures are painted by others, and yet I also recognize that I have a special bond with those units I painted myself, especially my Empire Knights. What about you guys?

If you have the time, do check the article out: It's All About the Merch: Nine's Nonsense

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lord of the Lands

Lo and Behold, The Lord of Aisenhald. and a Bretonnian Lord.

This is my most powerful unit of the Bretonnian Army. It is the Lord of Aisenhald in Couronne.
The Bretonnian Lord rides upon his hippogriff and strikes fears to his enemies.

Resolute, Virtuos and Wise, the Lord beckons on his men to soldier on against the tyranny and darkness that roams freely in the lands of the dark.

This picture focuses on his face as compared to other pics that we have taken.
Lord of Aisenhald

While i rarely take shots of the Lord, he is a magnificent sight in this picture wif the details of his armour. The picture gives the figure character and the imperfections on his helm makes him all the more attractive in my opinion.

I have yet to really make this figure looks as good as possibly can but i still left with many more impending things to paint and fix. After my Men-at-arms, it will be the trebuchet and the Pegasus Knights.

It seems neverending, but i guess that is why i love my hobby.
There is always something left to do.. Something left unfinish :)

Now, I shall leave take my leave as Joshua shall resume his one month of posting.

Keep visiting ;)

Monday, August 10, 2009

The Lonely Shield of the Man-at-arm

Army of Tempest Men at Arm Shield
The Shield of the Army of Tempest.

The lone shield. Singular and in solitute. The Shield lies alone in the grass, awaiting its owners to wield it to battle.
But what has become of its owner? Has he abandon his post? Is he dead from Battle? or is the Shield but idling there while his owner is on an errand.

I tried to make this artful by focusing on the lone shield to give a sense of remembrance of the lowly Men at Arms.

Yes, the all too expendable Men-at-arms. Never getting a glorious moment and always expendable in the armies of Bretonnia. To make matters worse, the Men at arms have stats comparable to Goblins. Its a sad sight in which even the Imperial militia would laugh at.

But u can never forget the benefits of being the break force of the Knightly army. They are the mass in which through their numbers and attrition, they can turn the tide of battle.

This is but a small preview to my new men-at-arms which i will be featuring soon. So stay tune when my next batch of photoes will eventually show them.

On the modelling note, I have been able to assemble 12 Men at arms and am in progress to finish the last 4 to make up 16 of the new Men-at-arms. With a touch of creativity and last few strokes to finish the regiment, my new men at arms will be featured in no time. Definitely have done more improvements on these new version of the Men-at-arms compared to the old ones.

Monday, August 03, 2009

The Knight's Shield

Back again.

Knight's Heraldry
The Knight's heraldry.

Today, we feature the Knights Heraldry and his shield. In many aspects, the knights heraldry is a symbol of his lineage, his family and what he has gone through to get it. His shield is just a more enhanced vrsion of what one can tell of the knight.

From the quality of the shield to the battle wornout marks and arrow scars, the shield will tell of the knights quality and his affluence too. Wooden shields are commonly wield by hedge knights and Knights of the Realms. AS one ascend higher int he ranks, their heraldry wills how it along with the quality of the shield.

As we can see from this pic in particular, The knight has a wooden shield with a red phoenix as his insignia. This knight of the realm has a well kept shield which could probably mean that he comes from an affluent household.

Other than that, i must apolgize that my decal pasting can be obviously recognise from the borders of the decal. Other than tht, another great macro shot wth josh's camera.

On another note, Weiting just got a present from Josh and I. Its a High Elf Lord on a Star Dragon. The dude has been talking about how much he would want one and we figured, why not get him a high quality painted one.

Trust me when i say this, the model was a worth it buy, and its painted in high quality.
Fret not too, the model will be featured REAL SOON. :)